Carta a Trump Acción 89, julio 2 al 7

El próximo 8 y 9 de Julio está programada una visita de Andrés López ante Donald Trump para explicar ¿ Porque permitió la evasión del hijo del Chapo?

La reciente declaración pública de su crimen confesado en Cuernavaca en días pasados genera esta visita en plena crisis de la pandemia, para rendir cuenta como “Bad Mens” que forma Andrés y su gabinete.


Carta a Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo y Landau, de ALERTA de parte de los mexicanos.

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Dear Mr. Trump:

As a Mexican concerned about the wellbeing of my family and my country, I would like to inform you about the visitor you are due to receive in Washington, Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador.

During Mr. Lopez Obrador’s administration, over 45,433 Mexicans have been killed as a result of his policy of no intervention against criminals, the drug cartels, and practically anyone that breaks the law in our country. This has been happening for the past 18 months since he took office.

Lopez Obrador seeks to impose, a radical, distorted socialist agenda in Mexico, disguising it as a benevolent, lifting of the poor transformation. But his actions are taking the country elsewhere. This is the alarm that we, the people of Mexico, are sounding to you Mr. Trump.

On June 19th, 2020, Mr. Obrador confessed that he had personally given the order to release Ovidio Guzman, the son of El Chapo Guzman, from the custody of the Mexican Armed Forces.
Under our Constitution and Laws, for having committed this significant crime, he shall be automatically removed from office, and shall be prosecuted as criminal.

We are working earnestly to have him removed from office. Although Mexico has faced considerable challenges in the past, under Obrador’s administration, our democratic institutions are disappearing, and we are facing the worst crisis in modern history, a direct result of his actions. He has proved incapable of assuming responsibly the presidential role, and he is yet to deliver, one single positive result. Our Constitution protects our right to call new elections.

Our hope, Mr. Trump is that by informing you of the current situation we are suffering in Mexico, your approach to his administration will change, for the good of both countries.


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