Letter from FRENA to Joe Biden and his cabinet


Monterrey, Mexico. January 14th, 2021

  Honorable Joseph R. Biden Jr. President Elect of the United States of America. 1401 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC  20230.      Anti AMLO National Front « FRENA »

Dear President-Elect:

I am honored to extend my warmest congratulations on your election as The 46th President of the United States of America. Your achievement gives hope to those of us who supported you in favor of Legality and Democracy. You defeated someone who greatly harmed your Country and the world.

In Mexico, a Populist Dictatorship has been imposed under President Lopez who, defying the United States’ efforts to combat drug trafficking, does not even try to conceal his proximity to domestic terrorism and drug trafficking organizations such as that of Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán.

On October 17th, 2019, he ordered the release of his son, Ovidio Guzmán, wanted by the United States for his crimes. In contrast, he disdains such criminals’ victims. On November 4th, 2019, three women and six children of the LeBarón family, all United States citizens, were massacred in Chihuahua. President López said that visiting the LeBaróns would offend his presidential investiture. Yet not so with regard to the terrorist’s family to whom he, his brothers, and his team have obvious ties. At a birthday party on March 20th, 2020, in Badiraguato Sinaloa, President López visited them, shared tacos with them, greeted the drug trafficker’s mother, informed her of his efforts before Trump to repatriate to Mexico the murderer whom he respectfully calls “Guzmán Loera.”

“Only a tyrant would prevent the delivery of food and medicine to people he claims to lead.”     

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

López Obrador diverted the budget assigned to medicines and treatments to combat childhood cancer to finance vote-buying programs. Thus, hundreds of thousands of infants were sentenced, and many of them with no other chance, have died.

Similarly, he appropriated money from the budget assigned for tests to diagnose COVID-19. An inhumane management of the Pandemic that has greatly reduced care to the sick.  There is no financial support for small and medium-sized companies. And he celebrates the deplorable consequences. He enthusiastically remarked that the pandemic fit his goals “like a glove”. These consequences will consolidate him as a Bolivarian Dictator, a communist affiliated with the regime that controls Cuba, Venezuela, and hopes to extend itself to a large part of Latin America, with affinities in Middle Eastern regimes and terrorist enemies operating in Mexico, to the detriment of our Countries’ national security.

With no evidence, similarly as he did in undermining the legitimacy of your victory, he has accusing independent government bodies of corruption and has thus consented to a discretionary and opaque use of funds contributed by the nation.  He now directly controls such funds and has eliminated any obligation to render accounts, which focuses all resources and Power in favor of the Dictator President López, who was elected thanks to Independent Electoral Institutions created in the past by citizens’ efforts and legislative reforms in favor of Democracy and which are now being demolished by López Obrador ever since he took office.

He promotes the São Paulo Forum’s Agenda, urgently reversing  legislative advances and cancelling existing contracts for major works such as the Mexico City Airport, investments such as Constellation Brands, and clean energy.

President López violates Human Rights. The 2020 World Report by Human Rights Watch shows Mexico’s Security Forces leading in human rights violations, including torture, forced disappearances, abuse of migrants, attacks on journalists, on Human Rights Defenders, and criminal executions, in agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.  Mexico’s situation is alarming. López Obrador has achieved in a single year what took Chávez an entire decade.

To safeguard our Homeland, 67 Citizens organized a Council of volunteers under the National Anti-AMLO Front.  “FRENA” now unites millions of Mexicans for the peaceful, nonpartisan manifestation of our civil society. We do not intend to become a Political Party. Our purpose is to force Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s resignation as President of Mexico. He has lost more than 100 lawsuits in the Supreme Court. The Dictator maintains his rebellion and contempt, violating the division of powers and accountability, and supporting the corruption of his family and loyalists.

Mr. President-Elect Biden:

Your trajectory and campaign commitments encourage us, knowing that you will continue supporting Rule of Law and Democracy in the United States and in our Country. We are hopeful that despite the Dictator’s repression and threats suffered by “FRENA”, following peaceful, legal, media and social resistance tools in defense of these sacred principles will prove fruitful. López Obrador’s resignation will stop the systematic destruction of our institutions, Rule of Law and freedom, by intentionally overthrowing the middle class, generating poverty for all of us.  This affects not only Mexico; our countries share close social, economic, historical and cultural ties, interwoven with families living on both sides of a broad vicinity. The events in one nation inevitably affect the other. Well-being, prosperity, respect for Democracy, freedom and the Law in both nations are crucial for developing our economies and our partnerships, such as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Mexicans love Democracy and freedom. President López inhibits private, national, and international investment. He has violated Constitutional principles, promoting the unprecedented destruction of economic stability in Mexico to the detriment of our commercial trade. Even when, on   October 22nd, 2020, the US Congress called upon the Executive Power to address the violation of Treaties and Agreements, Trump has not even admonished Mexico for cancelling contracts, stopping US investments such as Constellation Brands, and eliminating clean energy. Imports from the United States decreased by more than 22% last year. On October 20th, 2020, Patricia Lee Refo, President of the American Bar Association, spoke against the violation of Rights to Legal Representation. President Lopez divides and confronts the nation, a strategy that has also been suffered by the United States.  President López has defamed the media, economic and social sectors, instilling fear so that his actions are not challenged, and acts of corruption are not brought to light by the media. He has appropriated the budget and called for “Blind Loyalty” from independent bodies, the Supreme Court and Electoral officers. This also makes it impossible for Mexico to conduct any impartial investigation into the crimes committed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his government. For the good of our communities and our countries, I urge you to remain alert to developments affecting democracy in Mexico. You have said “Democracy is fragile”.  In Mexico, Democracy will only prevail to the extent that we have your support.

Mr. President-Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., I respectfully request that you help us avoid the irreparable demise of security in North America by closely monitoring Mexico. Urge financial organizations, the international community and human rights bodies to do so. With sufficient evidence, within the International Legal framework and attributions of Law, the Authorities of your Country may take legal actions, intervening promptly and resolutely calling President López Obrador to account for his crimes. Otherwise, both countries will regret it; our nations will face the misfortunes of communism, poverty, misery, and the death of our freedom and our citizens’ creative will.

Once again, Mr. President-Elect, I enthusiastically congratulate you on your victory and  reiterate my open and honest willingness, as well as that of the members and supporters of FRENA,  to collaborate for the defense and strengthening of our Democracy, our freedom, and respect for human rights. Mexico’s Democracy depends on your support.


Gilberto de Jesús Lozano González

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